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Tuesday April 25th- Mini Tourney @ The Shack

Thursday May 4th- Mini Tourney @ MHB


NEVER A COST to play with ASP!


Morrison Holiday Bar: First Thursday of each month  Info

The Shack: Last Tuesday of each month    Info

Fox & Hound: Second Monday of each month   Info


NEW: Each ASP Venue hosts a  FREE TO PLAY "Mini Tournament" with CASH Payouts and other items (bar tabs, addl. table money etc.) ONCE per month in addition to nightly games.  All games are ABSOLUTELY FREE TO PLAY! 

Certificates from nightly games can be added for EXTRA Chips at ALL VENUES......See your Dealers for details!

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More Ways To Win: All-In Series Poker hosts FREE Texas Hold Em' games in Denver and the Foothills. Winners receive nightly cash payouts and Monthly Tournaments at EACH location !!


Players compete against the best poker players in Denver for cash prizes, bar tabs and more...ALL FOR FREE!

Get the "Best of Both Worlds" receive certificates to quarterly tournaments PLUS.....ASP CASH payouts !
The more players, the more cash we give away.......bring a friend!
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Bar Owners:

Need more local patrons? Customers leaving too soon? Have you "had it" with high-priced entertainment and advertising you can't track (or costs too much)?

 We'll bring 20-50 new customers for each game AND give your current patrons a reason to come back more often.....all for MUCH less than you pay for ANY other form of advertising!

Call 303-209-6167 or email: and find out how!


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